Ways to Visit Yesod Farm + Kitchen

Thank you so much for your interest in visiting and contributing to Yesod Farm + Kitchen! There are a handful of ways to spend time at Yesod, which is located in Fairview in western North Carolina in the United States. Please look through the options below to see which of them work best for you (which can be multiple). Reach out to info@yesodfarm.org with any questions that you have about these, or other options.

While we are a Jewish land project, individuals of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures are more than welcome here. 

We are not currently adding any residents or hiring any staff.


Note on the current year: This year, 5782 in the Jewish calendar (through Mid-October 2022), we are significantly limiting our vegetable growing in observance of the shmita year. As a result, the work will look a little different. Learn more about this practice and how we are integrating it here.


We look forward to having you at Yesod!


With Gratitude,

The Team at Yesod Farm + Kitchen

Day Visits (Individual or Group)

We offer land walks (tours), one-off volunteer opportunities, and educational programs for individuals and groups. If you are interested in a day visit, please fill out this form to give us more information about your desires and timeline.

Volunteer Days and Events

The most accessible way to visit and contribute to Yesod Farm + Kitchen is at our Community Volunteer Days and Events. You can stay up to date by signing up for our email list, following us on Instagram (@YesodFarmAndKitchen) and Facebook, and by checking our Events page.  


Recurring Volunteers

If you live nearby Asheville and are interested in volunteering on a more regular basis, please email us at info@yesodfarm.org with your availability, areas of interest, and skills. We are compiling a list of community members who we can call on when we need a little extra help. We do not currently have formal volunteer arrangements or an internship program, but are open to planning a recurring volunteer arrangement if it’s the right fit. 

Retreat Space

We are honored to offer free vacation and retreat space to justice workers, community organizers, activists, and others who serve support roles in their communities. You can either stay in our furnished basement (2 queen beds, full private bathroom, limited kitchenette), in your vehicle, or in a tent (we can provide camping supplies). There is a creek, a meadow in it's 3rd year of healing, fire pits, a small wooded area, an extensive bookshelf, hammocks, porches, and a hot tub to help you rest and rejuvenate. Home cooked dinners may also be available. If you have more questions about this offering, please email info@yesodfarm.org.

If you are interested, please fill out this form. We will respond to you within a week*. 


*If you don’t hear back, feel free to send another email to info@yesodfarm.org.