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Space Rental

Hosting Your Event at Yesod Farm+Kitchen

We welcome groups to camp and hold outdoor events at Yesod, which is located a 25 minute drive from Asheville, North Carolina. If you are interested in using Yesod as a venue for your event, please email, including a little information about your group, what dates you're considering, and approximately how many people would attend. We will respond to you within two weeks.

Sliding Scale

Groups can hold their own retreats and events on this land. In reciprocity, we ask for a financial donation from those who can give it. We use a sliding scale to make this affordable for you and ourselves. For transparency, Yesod Farm+Kitchen’s organizational budget is stable, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. In exchange for working part-time, the folks who organize Yesod Farm+Kitchen have housing, food, and basic needs met. We hope to grow our budget to eventually pay ourselves a stipend, which we can’t afford to do yet.


Please use this guide for what to pay to support the space and people of Yesod Farm+Kitchen.

If your organization is covering the cost:

Consider your organization’s budget in the scale below. Your organization is welcome to donate less if your leaders are BIPOC and/or poor to working-class people. Please donate more if your organization’s leaders are white, middle-class and/or wealthy people.


Organizational yearly budget    Camping (daily rate per person)    Day rental (rate per person)

$250,000+                                    $54                                                    $36

$120,000 - $250,000                    $36                                                    $24

$50,000 - $120,000                      $18                                                    $12

$20,000 - $50,000                        $9                                                      $7

less than $20,000                        $0-9                                                   $0-7

If individuals are self-organizing and covering the cost:

You are welcome here, whether or not you can make a donation. Consider your financial resources in the tiers below. We trust you to decide which is closest to your situation. There are factors outside the scale you might also consider. You’re encouraged to donate less if you’re Black, Indigenous, a person of color, or from a poor to working-class background, experiencing economic injustice in your life or lineage. You’re encouraged to donate more if you’re a white person from a middle-class to wealthy background, experiencing access to race and class privilege.


Tier 4

Own your home

Have investments or retirement accounts

Inherited money

Have a career

Travel without worrying about basic needs

Bought a new car

Can afford graduate school and unpaid internships

Intend to retire by age 67


Tier 3

Own a reliable car

Have employer health insurance

Can take time off work for sickness or vacation

Have a degree from a four-year college

Have a mortgage or student loans

Consistently repay loans

Can ask your family for financial help in an emergency

Have stable housing

Can choose which neighborhood to live in

Earn a salary

Might become financially precarious due to high medical bills or layoffs


Tier 2

Attended a two-year college, or were the first in your family

Can’t afford to retire

Work a job without paid time off

Sometimes struggle to access housing

Can’t ask your family for financial help

Live paycheck to paycheck

Rent or own a home in a neighborhood that is a food desert

Work in retail, physical labor, or providing care


Tier 1

Experience job discrimination

Struggle with survival debt

Worry about paying for rent and food

Lack consistent access to health care

Are eligible for public benefits like SNAP


Financial tier    Camping (daily rate per person)    Day rental (rate per person)

4                        $50-100                                            $30-60

3                        $15-50                                              $10-30

2                        $0-15                                                $0-10

1                        $0                                                     $0

Get in touch!

We are glad that you're interested in bringing a group of people here for your event. Please email, including a little information about your group, what dates you're considering, and approximately how many people would attend. We will write back within two weeks.

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