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Yesod Farm+Kitchen seeks collective liberation with land through Jewish farming and mutual aid. As diasporic Jews, we steward 15 acres of Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee) homeland in Western North Carolina. We grow relationships and nourish community.

Our community includes gardeners, farmers, local Fairview residents, Asheville-area Jews, food justice activists, and mutual aid organizers. We welcome everybody who is interested in Yesod Farm+Kitchen, and seek to be a place where people of different life experiences can learn from each other. We intentionally center people who experience oppression, such as BIPOC, queer folks, and activists.

Our Vision

We dream of the future where people have loving relationships with land, community, and cultural traditions. We believe in a diaspora where Jews live in vibrant, culturally-rooted homes wherever we are. Land is returned to Indigenous-led stewardship. We belong to multicultural communities that joyfully share resources. Neighbors care for each other, and people honor ancestors. We respect all life and foster healthy ecosystems. 

Our Mission

Yesod Farm+Kitchen is a pluralistic Jewish farm and cultural organizing project that welcomes everyone and builds multicultural community. 


We learn about Jewish land tending through an active process of experimentation. We steward the land where Yesod exists towards a more diverse, resilient ecosystem for humans and non-humans alike. 


We bring community members together around Jewish cultural relationships with food, farming, and land stewardship. Yesod models and teaches about justice and Jewish diasporism so that people can envision sustainable food systems and community care networks. We practice solidarity and build power for racial justice, landback, and reparations.


Inspired by shabbat, shmita, and yovel, we create systems that allow for rest and release. We honor Jewish commitments to mutual aid by sharing access to food and land. Our connections with Jewish rituals and practices nourish movements for collective liberation.

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We are not open for any unscheduled visitors. Check out our outdoor events or reach out to schedule a visit.

Yesod Farm+Kitchen
Fairview, NC 28730

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