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We’re looking for a house + land mate!

For a shareable pdf of this text, please click here.

Yesod Farm+Kitchen seeks collective liberation with the land through Jewish agriculture, mutual aid, and growing relationships across difference. We steward 16 acres of Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee) and Catawba homelands, 25 minutes from Asheville, NC. We embody Jewish ancestral wisdom by offering this land as a community resource for collective nourishment and safety for those most impacted by systems of harm, namely BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, and justice seekers. Yesod offers free and sliding scale retreat space, experiential education at the intersections of Judaism and agriculture, and free produce to people experiencing food insecurity, in partnership with Root Cause Farm. We’re looking for another house & land mate to join us in tending land, building relationships, and deepening our Jewish agricultural practices!


Jews of Color, Sephardim, Mizrahim, Indigenous, and LGBTQIA+ folks are strongly encouraged to apply. Yesod Farm+Kitchen is currently composed of 1 child and 5 adults, all of whom are white Ashkenazi Jews. A majority of the adults are queer and trans.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone:

  • dedicated to collective liberation, decolonization, anti-racism, and land-based dreaming/visioning

  • excited to live in queer Jewish community, and is dedicated to the safety of their community members

  • motivated from the heart to to initiate projects

  • works independently and collaboratively in a reliable way

  • personable, kind, and nourishing as a housemate and coworker

  • experienced living in community 

  • experienced and excited about social media management, website maintenance, and other computer-related tasks

  • comfortable interfacing with community members, vendors, and landmates.

  • experience communicating and building relationships across difference (demographic, ideological)

  • experienced growing food

  • experienced with building physical structures 

  • experienced with planting and stewarding perennials

  • is familiar with the native plants of Southern Appalachia (ideally, not required)

  • contributes to ritual and Jewish knowledge of the space – (everyone, regardless of prior knowledge of Jewish culture and ritual, has something unique to contribute in our daily embodiment of a Jewish agricultural life)

  • is motivated to care for the home


Mental, Physical and Emotional Ability:

We encourage people of all abilities to apply. Below is a list of types of ability necessary for the work that take place at Yesod Farm+Kitchen for your reference. Ability to engage in all these work types is not a requirement to live and work here. In fact, none of the current residents are capable of all of these items all of the time. 

  • lift 50+ lbs

  • bend, squat, dig

  • do repetitive tasks

  • work in hot/cold/rainy/windy weather

  • operate heavy machinery

  • engage in computer-based work 

  • engage in detail-oriented work with a careful eye

  • keep track of time, commitments, schedules

  • numbers: spreadsheets, budgets, basic math

  • otherwise engage in physically demanding work

Your contribution would include:

  • 22 hrs/week of work on the land (can include: hospitality, farming, groundskeeping, building, events, education, and meetings)

  • Equal participation in household cooking and cleaning, including preparation for Jewish holidays and Shabbat on Fridays

  • Participation in weekly farm meetings and check-ins

  • Emotional vulnerability and transparency

  • Kindness

  • Participation in land-wide discussions and practices in experimental observance of shmita (including next year, 5782!)

What we’re offering: 

  • Furnished private room with a shared bathroom in shared home

  • High quality groceries

  • Access to farm produce (limited this upcoming year due to shmita observance)

  • Wifi/power/water

  • Opportunity to shape growth of Yesod as a young/beginning farm & community 

  • Opportunity to create/pursue independent projects at Yesod 

  • Access to all land, tools, and communal resources at Yesod

  • Jewish community space

  • Emotional vulnerability and transparency

  • Kindness



  • The first 22 hours of farmwork are in exchange for housing, utilities, food, household goods, and access to all Yesod lands and tools. 

  • Acknowledging that unpaid worktrades can preclude folks from low-income/working-class backgrounds, Yesod is prepared to compensate work beyond 22 hrs/week if needed. If this is something you’d need, let’s chat about it! 


  • We are preferencing people who are excited about the long term vision of Yesod and who are interested in being here for at least a year.

  • Move-in date flexible from late October through December



  • We are currently 5 vaccinated adults and one unvaccinated child under 12. We require that you be vaccinated as well, (unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from it).

  • We are taking the pandemic seriously and doing our best to keep this community safe, healthy, and COVID-negative so that we can provide produce in mutual aid and protect our germ family. We are in ongoing conversations with each other about our COVID practices and expect both your participation in and compliance with these conversations.

  • You will get a negative COVID test before integrating into Yesod Farm + Kitchen.


To apply, please submit a written (1-2 pgs) or recorded (<5 mins) response to the following questions by midnight EST on Tuesday, September 14: 

  • Why do you want to be here?

  • What are you excited to offer to this community/land-based project (please include your skills here)?

  • What are you hoping to receive/learn?

  • What is your personal timeline? When do you need an answer by? When would you be able to move here?

  • We are a community with neurodivergence, injuries, and chronic conditions, and we believe in farming at a scale and pace that supports our health. Can you share any prior injuries, allergies, or other physical/mental/emotional conditions that might impact your ability to do farm work or engage as a community member?


If you would like to submit any additional materials (resume, CV, images) please feel free. These, however, are not required. Submit all materials and any questions to

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